About Competitions and Research

Competitions and Research platform, launched by Harvard and Columbia professors and alumni, aims to provide high-quality research education and project-based learning programmes to high school and university students around the world.

Since its establishment in 2021, it has gone through 3 years of history, based on research-oriented learning and project-based learning, focusing on course development and teaching implementation, combining more than 1,000 well-known professors and high-quality education resources in the world, cultivating future-oriented international talents, and cultivating more than 3,000 students in the past 3 years. It has established cooperative relations with nearly 100 colleges and universities and more than 100 international schools.

Competitions and Research platform will not only focus on the training of students' comprehensive qualities and abilities needed for further studies at home and abroad, but also focus on training international and inter-disciplinary talents with global competence needed by enterprises and society. And will conduct more exploration and practice in domestic scientific research projects, high school quality education and overseas business.


"Be the world's leading overseas study background enhancement service platform."

We aspire to provide students with

High-Quality Research Experience

Under the guidance of professional course design and distinguished faculty, students will engage in research experiences with high academic standards, exploring their full potential.

Comprehensive Personal Development

Through project experiences, students will cultivate personal qualities including research capabilities, critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration, as well as academic writing skills.

Abundant Research Outcomes

Students will complete academic reports and have the option to submit their work for inclusion in international conferences indexed by EI/CPCI/Scopus or equivalent, as well as the option for Oxford IPQ certification, reaping a variety of achievements.

Enhancement for Further Education and Study Abroad

Outstanding students may receive recommendation letters from their primary mentors, and can demonstrate their academic and innovative capabilities to prestigious institutions through their research experiences, effectively aiding their applications.


At present, we have more than 1,000 tutors, who are well-known professors, researchers, and executives from finance and technology industries from Ivy League universities in the United States, G5 universities in the United Kingdom, prestigious Eurasian universities, and double first-class universities in China. Together with us, we break the boundaries of region and campus, bringing high-quality scientific research opportunities and competitive courses to students.

Why Study with CAR?


01、Top-tier Faculty Team for More Professional Research and Learning

Our faculty team is composed of renowned professors and researchers from Ivy League universities in the United States, the G5 in the United Kingdom, prestigious institutions in Europe and Asia, as well as top-tier universities in China, along with executives from the finance and technology industries. This team provides students with opportunities to conduct research and learn from the best; additionally, an academic committee has been established to ensure the authority of the teaching.


02、Comprehensive Teaching System for Full Subject Coverage

Our program content covers 15 primary disciplines, 65 secondary disciplines, and over 1,000 courses and projects. Each discipline is taught in a progressive manner, establishing a complete teaching and research system.


03、Project-Based Learning for More Effective Future Integration

We integrate Project-Based Learning (PBL) methods into the research process, combining theoretical study with practical project experience. This approach cultivates students' abilities to identify, solve, and evaluate problems, preparing them to face future learning and research challenges.


04、Rich Service Experience for More Effective Application Support

With years of focus on research education, we have served over 11,000 students in 2020 alone, producing more than 2,000 academic papers. Through recommendation letters, papers, and students' shareable research experiences, we provide comprehensive support for college admissions and study abroad applications.