2024 Jane Austen Writing Competition Details

1、Competition introduction

Speaking of writing-related competitions, students all know that John Locke just posted the topic some time ago . Today we will introduce a reading-related writing competition- the Jane Austen Writing Competition , organized by The Jane Austen Society (The Jane Austen Society of North America). Everyone must be familiar with Jane Austen. She was a very famous British female novelist in the early 19th century. Her main works include Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, etc.

Currently, the 2024 JASNA Essay Contest Jane Austen Writing Competition has announced the competition title . For students studying liberal arts, the Jane Austen Writing Competition is an absolute bonus point competition on the application process. The winner's essay can be published on the website. Announcement; For students studying science and engineering, this competition can also help students stand out among their classmates and use more diverse competitions to prove their comprehensive qualities.

2、2024 competition theme

Debate the Topic —— Jane Austen's Novels: Still Relevant after 200 years?

This year’s competition theme aims to guide contestants to explore whether Jane Austen’s novels still have value and significance after 200 years, and can resonate with contemporary readers.

If students have ever participated in a debate competition, they will understand that debate is a process in which the pros and cons express their respective views on the same topic. Therefore, in the first half of the paper, we can make a certain point, but in the second half we need to refute and write about this point.

3、Event details

Suitable for the crowd:

Current high school students in grades 9-12 around the world (either current students or homeschool students)

Competition requirements:
Personal essay writing, submit the manuscript online, the length of the article is 6-8 pages (excluding citations)

Papers must be in English

The paper title should appear at the top of the first page; further pages should be numbered in the upper right corner; the student's name may not appear in the paper

Papers must be in MLA format (double-spaced, 12-point font throughout, one-inch margins on each page)

Papers written for coursework may be submitted

If you want to use research articles as support in your article, no more than five should be used, and academic terms should be avoided unless the term is clearly defined in the body of the paper.

The essay does not need to include a plot summary and can assume that your readers are people familiar with Jane Austen's work, and the essay should be based primarily on the student's own observations rather than strict academic standards

Title needs to be within 220 characters

High school students must cite at least 1 work by Jane Austen; undergraduate and graduate students should cite at least 2 works by Jane Austen (Austen's unfinished works may also be cited)

Entry time:

Deadline for submission of works: June 1, 2024

Competition rewards:

First Place: $1,000 scholarship, plus free registration and two-night stay at JASNA’s upcoming annual shareholder meeting. (Transportation to the conference will not be provided.)

Second Place: $500 scholarship

Third Place: $250 scholarship

The winner will also receive a year's membership in JASNA, a paper published on the site, and a set of Norton Critical Editions of Jane Austen's novels.

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