Marshall Society Economics Essay Competition

Competition introduction

The Marshall Society Essay Competition is organized by the Economics Society of Cambridge University. It was founded in 1927 and named after the famous economist Alfred Marshall in memory of Alfred Marshall. Alfred Marshall.

This academic event is aimed at students from A-Level, IB and equivalent qualification courses around the world, providing these students with a platform to present their logical and persuasive thesis presentations. As a highly valuable economic paper academic activity, it is highly recognized by top universities in the UK and the United States! Marshall Socity, as a highly valuable economic paper academic activity, is highly recognized by top universities in the UK and the United States! Especially for the Department of Economics, which is one of the most difficult majors to apply to at Oxbridge, receiving an award from the Marshall Society can really add luster to the applicant's resume and stand out from many competitors!

About the Marshall Society

The Marshall Society is the economics society of Cambridge University. The society was founded in 1927 in memory of Alfred Marshall. Since then, the Society has continued to advance the discussion of economics in the tradition of its illustrious founder. Former members of the Marshall Society include John Maynard Keynes, Nicholas Kaldor, Joan Robinson and Manmohan Singh.

Alfred Marshall was first and foremost an outstanding and original theorist. His theoretical insights combined with his sound philosophy still deserve the praise of those of us who were his students at Cambridge.

Competing Time

Submission deadline

August 13th at 23:59 pm (BST), late submission is not allowed

Competition results announced

Published on the Marshall Society website in mid-September


English writing, paying attention to grammar and structure

Suitable For Student Groups

It has attracted the attention of top universities in the UK and the United States. Participating in it will not only showcase your talents, but also add a touch of brilliance to your college application.

Students on A-LEVEL/IB and equivalent qualifications (not starting undergraduate studies)

Students under 19 years of age (who have not yet started undergraduate studies) are eligible to participate

Gold Content

Recognized by top universities in the UK and US

Present a logical and persuasive platform

No time or geographical restrictions

Sponsored by the Cambridge University Economics Society

Marshall Society Economic Paper Academic Event – Rules Details

Provide students with a platform to demonstrate logical thinking and persuasive essays. Marshall emphasized a solid foundation in economics, requiring strong arguments and the appropriate use of real-life examples.

Marshall Economics Paper Academic Activity Topics

State it concisely and concisely according to the topic statement. Choosing your own title or using the official title does not affect the score of the article. The number of words in the paper is about 1250 words:

▶ In what ways could Artificial Intelligence reshape the labor market? Will it usher in Keynes' 'age of leisure'?

How will artificial intelligence reshape the labor market? Will it usher in Keynes’s “age of leisure”?

▶ 'Policymakers can't exploit the Phillips curve to reduce unemployment due to the Lucas critique.' Evaluate this statement.

"According to Lucas's argument, policymakers cannot use the Phillips curve to reduce unemployment" evaluates this view.

▶ The US Federal Child Tax Credit is scheduled to revert from $2,000 to $1,000 by 2025. Is this policy a mistake?

The federal child tax credit program will drop from $2,000 to $1,000 in 2025. Is this policy wrong?

▶ Tensions between the US and China have been steadily increasing. Is it in the US' interest to decouple from China economically?

Tensions between the United States and China have been gradually increasing. Is it in the interest of the United States to separate economically from China?

▶ 'There were no meaningful long-run changes in living standards until the Industrial Revolution.' Discuss.

“Until the Industrial Revolution, there were no meaningful long-term changes in living standards.” Discuss this idea

▶ Has Economics run out of big new ideas? If so, what are the implications? If not, justify with an example.

Is economics running out of big new ideas? If so, what are the implications? If not, please give an example.

Work requirements

writing requirement

When writing in English, pay attention to grammar and structure. Papers will be reviewed from the following aspects: logic, persuasiveness of argument, how to use arguments to support the point of view, and originality of the point of view.

word count requirement

The number of words in the bibliography is not included, and the number of main words should not exceed 1,250. The goal is to enable contestants to support their opinions with good arguments without having to spend lengthy speeches introducing concepts or background information.

Typesetting requirements

Add page numbers to each page; the font is Times New Roman, font size 12, and line spacing 1.5 times; the selected question, question number, name and school must be added to the home page.

Attached references

A bibliography is attached at the end of the article and the source of the cited literature is indicated. Bibliographies require APA format, so make sure all sources you cite are clearly marked.

format requirement

References are a major difficulty in academic writing for high school students. Marshall officially recommends using APA format (author, year).

Introduction to APA

Initiated by the American Psychological Association and later became a widely accepted format for academic papers in the social sciences; includes in-text citations, references, tables, figures, footnotes, and appendices.

submit application

Disable email submission

If you have any questions during the submission process please email (submissions must be submitted 48 hours before the deadline or they will not be accepted).

Submit before deadline

Deadline: 11.59pm (BST) on 13 August, no late submissions allowed

Google Sheets Submit

The Marshall Society is still using Google Forms this year to allow contestants to submit essays.

PDF naming method

For example, "Adam Smith Q4.pdf"; the size should not exceed 10MB (it is recommended to use the English input method when naming)

When unable to submit

If you can't open the submission page, try switching to Google Chrome or using a VPN.

Word limit

Please note that the word count must not exceed 1250 words


Done by an individual/can use artificial intelligence

The submitted paper must be completed entirely by you, and you must declare any assistance provided to you, including the use of generative AI software (such as ChatGPT), on the paper submission form.

Email address must be correct

Authors of winners, runners-up and shortlisted papers will be contacted via the email addresses used when submitting their papers. Other entrants will not receive any feedback.

Personal data will only be used for this competition

Any personal data relating to entrants will be used solely for the purposes of this competition and will not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent. Papers may not be submitted to other competitions.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes

The Marshall Society reserves the final right to modify the above terms and conditions as necessary and to select the contest winners.

Have not yet started undergraduate studies

Only students who have not yet started undergraduate studies are eligible and do not have to be studying in the UK.

Modifications are prohibited after submission

Once your paper is submitted, you will not be able to make any changes to it.

Prize Settings

▶The results of the paper review will be published on the Marshall Society’s website.

▶The first place winner will receive 50 pounds, and the second and third place winners will receive 25 pounds.

▶The winning paper will be published in The Dismal Scientist, the yearbook of the Marshall Society.

We would like to thank every student who submitted a paper this year and extend our warmest congratulations to the winners and shortlisted papers. I wish you all the best in your future studies. We hope you’re looking forward to next year’s essay competition.

Our shortlisted papers (in no particular order) are as follows:

Name School Question
Samuel Grosz St Paul’s School 1
Shengxuan Xiao Beijing 101 High School 1
Zanzao Chen Shenzhen College of International Education 2
Liu Junyi Nanyang Junior College 2
Chiyu Lee King’s School Canterbury 2
Zhiwen Xie WLSA Shanghai Academy 2
Jack Tan International Department, Affiliated High School of South China Normal University 2
Hoi Ching Ng (Catherine) Utahloy International School Guangzhou 4
Jianheng Ma Rothesay Netherwood School 4
Chen Yonghan Beijing No.4 High School International Campus 5
Feier Su Shenzhen College of International Education 6
Keiwan Tin Brampton College 6

Award-Winning Works Over The Years

The competition learning materials have been updated to the latest year and can be obtained for free

Thank you to our supporters

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are you so concerned about the Marshall Essay Writing Competition?

Affected by the epidemic in 2020 and 2021, most major academic activities have been canceled. However, thesis academic activities only need to be submitted on time, so it is highly recommended for 11th grade students to participate.

2. Which grade can participate in the Marshall Economic Paper academic activity?

Only students who have not yet started undergraduate courses are allowed to participate, but students are not required to study in the UK, so it is open to candidates from all over the world. Compared with John Locke, which requires contestants to be under 19 years old, Marshall does not impose too many age restrictions, which is a complement to John Locke.

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