Research Topic On Factors Influencing The Development Of Higher Education: Application Of Data Analysis In Education

Course Arrangement

Enrollment status: Enrolling

Course time: rolling classes

Course method: Zoom remote live teaching

Course schedule: 21 class hours for the main academic tutor + 9 class hours for the academic associate tutor + 6 class hours for the main thesis tutor + 21 class hours for the deputy thesis tutor, lasting 7 weeks

Course Description

In the context of the digital age, "everyone must learn programming" and "everyone must know statistics" are becoming more and more important in the fields of humanities and social sciences. In recent years, massive amounts of data gathered by platforms such as the Internet, mobile Internet, and the Internet of Things have emerged in an endless stream, providing unprecedented opportunities for scientific research. For scientific researchers and managers of large enterprises, the greater need is to analyze the constantly updated media and how to use massive amounts of information to perform data analysis and extract valuable information in the context of big data. New media and computer courses Interdisciplinary fields also emerged.

Suitable For

Students have good English communication skills; they hope to become intelligent thinkers with a desire to explore knowledge and research.

Students who are interested in today's big data and its applications and want to learn about media communication /sociology/computer/statistics.

Professor Introduction

Tenured professor at the University of Pennsylvania

Manuel Gonzalez Canche

Won the University of Arizona Visiting Scholar Award for "How Community Colleges Use Social Media to Improve Student Success Rates"

Author of media papers such as "Social Media in Higher Education: Literature Review and Research Directions"

Co-mentor of Penn School of Human Development and Quantitative Methods and International Educational Development Program

Served as a research scholar mentor at ICQCM (Interdisciplinary Research Institute)

Research scholar in the fields of social media, higher education, and community colleges

TA Introduction

Education background

Master’s/PhD background from TOP30 prestigious universities at home and abroad, over 40% of the team’s PhD students are

Professional and excellent

Have experience in publishing papers in relevant professional fields


Excellent academic performance & fluent in English, with many years of experience as a teaching assistant

teaching orientation

Seamlessly connect professor topics and participate in teaching and delivery throughout the process

Program Advantages

Complete course hours that meet the academic program requirements of colleges and universities

A complete scientific research project under the personal guidance of the professor

A true and valid recommendation letter personally issued by the professor

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