Management Information System Scientific Research Topics: Enterprise Data Model Construction And Natural Language Processing

Course Arrangement

Enrollment status: Enrolling

Course time: rolling classes

Course method: Zoom remote live teaching

Course schedule: 21 class hours for the main academic tutor + 9 class hours for the academic associate tutor + 6 class hours for the main thesis tutor + 21 class hours for the deputy thesis tutor, lasting 7 weeks

Course Description

If it weren't for the massive spending on research and development in the mid-to-late 1990s, we'd still be hearing the crackle of dial-up Internet connections. Facebook and Google will be a fraction of what they are today, and Amazon will likely only sell books. Thankfully, technological advancements have made terabytes of data analysis possible through massive investments in technology during the Internet revolution. From leveraging graphics processing units, GPUs, to performing deep learning, to deploying the entire architecture in the Amazon cloud, it is both beautiful and stunning to say the least. You're in the midst of the biggest technology revolution your generation has ever experienced, learn the skills and develop the research-driven mindset to make a big impact in the world of big data!

Suitable For

High school students and undergraduate students who are interested in data science and machine learning majors

Students majoring in mathematics, computer, information science and other majors, as well as students who hope to work in the fields of big data analysis, business analysis, computer algorithms and other fields in the future

Students with advanced mathematics, statistics , probability and Python programming foundation are preferred

Professor Introduction

Columbia University Professor

Patrick Houlihan

Professor of Data Science at Columbia University

Senior Vice President of Decision Making, Publicis Media Group

American B2B customer data platform CaliberMind data scientist

Co-founder of Quantheta

More than 14 years of professional consulting experience in the semiconductor industry

Leading consulting projects worth over US$500 million

Has hundreds of papers in the fields of software system design and data analysis

TA Introduction

Education background

Master’s/PhD background from TOP30 prestigious universities at home and abroad, over 40% of the team’s PhD students are

Professional and excellent

Have experience in publishing papers in relevant professional fields


Excellent academic performance & fluent in English, with many years of experience as a teaching assistant

teaching orientation

Seamlessly connect professor topics and participate in teaching and delivery throughout the process

Program Advantages

Complete course hours that meet the academic program requirements of colleges and universities

A complete scientific research project under the personal guidance of the professor

A true and valid recommendation letter personally issued by the professor

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